Christmas time… wait… again?

All my life I have so loved the Christmas traditions

As a child I gazed at the stocking, decorations and food in addition

Growing up, the traditions was kept with a great deal of care

Starting a family, across the globe, I continued to share

Though this year, somehow, it seems Christmas is early…

Taking me by surprise and now, making me swirly

I suppose the daily life and to-do lists took over and December took me by surprise

Now I must focus on presents, decorations and all the foods in quantity and size

If you’re busy and worried and concerned, the Joy of Christmas is hard to find

So I’m changing my to-d0 list and adding the 4th commandment,  to keep Christ in mind!

Christmas again


2 thoughts on “Christmas time… wait… again?

  1. I love December, too – Hanukkah!! The time of purification and re-dedication! Sounds like that’s what you want, too – re-dedication to the ONE who did it all for us. Praying with you that this season will bring untold blessings for you and your beautiful family! ❤


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