I see the water flow, the trees change color. So beautiful Your creation

Elohim, El Shaddai, my Adonai, You are no overnight sensation

You are God, my Lord, my King, my Sovereign Eternal Almighty One

Though I can’t carry a tune, I sing Your Praises for Your being and the sacrifice of the Son

When I look at the world at large and my own many trials and pains

I can’t understand Your mysterious ways, yet I know circumstances change

My heart wants to praise You and trust You and believe You in the dark

So I’m holding the cruel imagine of You my Lord, being whipped and marked

Dragged out of the courtyard, bleeding from the razor sharp whips You took

You look at me, and did it all because You love me, wanted to save me and asks me to look!

To look at You and to You, and not the world, circumstances, trials or plight

So that I can believe in the dark, what I know is true in the light

Of all the things you had to suffer, ridiculed, beaten, whipped and slain

The separation from God, the Father must have been the greatest pain

Your heart overflowed with a love so pure

Oh my Lord the gratefulness pierces me to know for sure

That nothing can separate me from my Lord and my King

The creation Praise You with colors and Your people will sing

And one day my Lord, one day, I will see You in all the Heavenly Glory of light

But right now, in my plight I know, that you are with me, though out of sight

I sense Your Presence, I feel Your strength. I’m not locked in sin’s cage

For Your Word promise me that if I look, You will be with me until the very end of the age.

3 thoughts on “Look!

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  2. What a beautiful poem of faith!! I especially was blessed by the lines “To look at You and to You, and not the world circumstances, trials, or plight—-So that I can believe in the dark what I know is true in the light.” I’ve been experiencing some hurtful things recently and this really spoke to me. Thanks! And God bless you!


    1. Pastor Jim, what a Blessing to me it is to know that the words He wrote through me Blessed you in such a timely manner. I’m so sorry to hear you have been experiencing hurtful things recently and I will bow my head right now and pray for you.
      With love in the Lord.


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