Small Group – Jesus girls


I’m about to embark on a brand new path. One I have never walked before and I’m scared and excited at the same time. I know that God has led me here… I’m completely at peace with it and I literally can’t wait. And yet – I’m nervous and wondering “oh dear Lord, how’s this gonna go?”

I’m starting a small group. In my former church there were loads of small groups. Ever changing, ever renewing but always welcoming and always warm. I participated in a few of these and heard about them and – saw how people grew. Then we had to move and I have ever since missed and longed for a small group.

The small group I’m starting has 3 things which God has planted in my heart:

Keep it small. Small creates warmth and comfortable space where people more easily shares the burdens they carry. Jesus had His small group on whom He concentrated – the apostles.

Carry each others burdens. It’s not a Bible study and it’s not a teaching environment. God has given me the names of the people I have asked and all has happily accepted to join. Prayerfully we can get the times to match, so we can all make it on the same time weekly. Carrying each others burdens is one thing I miss in this area where we live now and even in the church where we go. There are so many people and to be able to pray for someone and care for someone, we need to invest time and feelings into each others lives. The Bible tells us to do it.

Jesus centered. Yes of course! Jesus is in the center and is the teacher. God placed Galatians and Ephesians on my heart and I will select a Bible verse from those books and have the members of the small group share what word or sentence stands out to them and why. Because the Bible is living and active, one word might bring encouragement to one and nothing to someone else. It’s a way to learn about each other and God will always teach about Himself through His Word, so I’m excited.

This is the project the Lord has sent me out on. Isn’t it amazing how God uses His people even in the midst of turmoil? Surely He is wiser than I, so this small group just might be exactly what I myself need to thrive and gain His wisdom, so that my daughter may thrive and gain my wisdom – and eventually grow strong in the Lord herself.

Prayers for my small group will be highly appreciated! Thank you so much.


3 thoughts on “Small Group – Jesus girls

  1. May God’s blessings be to you and those who participate with you. I have found in my ministry that small groups are a key that enable both hurting and happy people to connect with each other, to care for each other, to share God’s blessings and concerns and heartaches as well with those who care for each other, and to study God’s word with each other. Sounds like God had this plan for you all along—God just needed to get your attention!


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