Paintbrush… Art for His Glory alone. Job 37:10

A few weeks ago I sat in my doctors office and saw the back of a devotional book and read: “It’s God’s breath that forms the ice, it’s God’s breath that turns lakes and rivers solid” Job 37:10. Instantly a picture came to my mind and I just knew that was the image of my next painting.

So I grabbed my paintbrushes and the paint and… prayed.


First the snow covered mountains and the starry night sky took shape.


Then the text of Job 37:10 and the ice and rocks.


And finally, the last touch, the one thing everyone can agree on: Each and every snow flake and ice crystal are unique and different.

Praise the Lord for using me to paint. I pray these painting of His, will make it out and into the world and hearts of non-believers.

Somehow. Some day.

The painting is named “Job 37:10


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