The best Doctor knows…

The good doctor has the knowledge needed, to know how to handle physical illnesses and how to guide a person who is going through troubled times due to more or less severe deceases.

The best doctor know all this too… But is in addition able to put his or her own heart into it, knowing that Jesus will carry the burden. Regardless of the patient having faith or not, a doctor who walks with Jesus and will listen to the Spirit and obey, will always be able to give any patient that little extra support needed and I believe that in this age, it is needed like never before.

Sometimes it’s just not the patient’s own illnesses but the circumstances of life that weighs down and makes everything that much worse, causing stress and anxiety and the best doctor will be that great listener who takes the time needed to respond with the right response. Perhaps a patient need explanation on an illness a parent is suffering from. Perhaps it’s a word of encouragement that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the patient just need a gentle touch. A pat on the shoulder.

I have the best doctor in the world. No kidding.

He first of all loved and prayed me all the way to Jesus – so right there you have my deep gratitude and affection for him. Next, he continually shows me how to love like Jesus. A constant inspiration. He taught me a great deal about prayer, just by praying for me holding my hands (he does that with most of his patients, not just me). It’s a spiritually healing touch. He supported me through the worst of the stress and anxiety times. He is available on the phone 24/7 and saved my girl when she had a bleeding stomach, so we could go see my sick dad 10.000 km away.

I wish more doctors would take their time with each person and give them a healing touch. My doctor is so special to me in so many ways. I love him so dearly.

Unfortunately, his clinic is about 2 hours travel from where we live now. But I still go… Now you know why.

Yesterday I took my daughter there. Her cold was turning into something else and I suspected asthma. With the circumstances in my life and my GAD, which my doctor knows all about, he also knew that I needed him to give my girl a thorough check-up, including stomach check etc. And obviously he did. Thankfully she did not have asthma, but a sinus infection. After the “doctor-stuff”, he holds my hands and prays for me, my family, my dad, our spiritual health and physical health. His prayers are so powerful that it feels like all the knots in my heart unties and they literally flows out of my eyes and down my cheeks in the form of tears. He knows that a mom with a sick kid needs as much attention as the sick kid! He knows that a daughter with a sick dad needs as much support as the dad. He knows that a wife with the life of a single mom needs prayers for her husbands salvation and their marriage. Jesus supplies the best doctor with the empathy only the Holy Spirit can give. Every time. With every patient. In any circumstance.

Praise the Lord for my wonderful doctor.

– Oh, and did I mention that I left his office yesterday with a present from him: coffee. He sure does know what a heavy burdened heart needs.


3 thoughts on “The best Doctor knows…

    1. Yes Pastor Jim, that’s the kind of doctor we all need.
      Perhaps we can begin praying together that more doctors around the world will be like my doctor.?
      He is a marvelous example of love and support.


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