Devil hits home

The last post I wrote was about obedience to God and His Word and in that post I mentioned my husband not doing and saying things he probably should have. In a previous post I mentioned that my husband told me he believes in God, likes Jesus and the teachings, but can’t really believe in a virgin birth, the resurrection etc… The main point is this: He believes in God – and he is acting out of character.

Since he is only home on weekends they are important to us, but the past 2 has been a so-so experience. My oh my… my husband is surely acting out of his character. The things he says and does are simply not coming from himself. What’s going on..? My husband may not have surrendered to the Lord yet, but he believes and Satan does not like that! The battle for his soul is playing out right in front of me and it’s fierce. Just an example to show you what I mean; Those who follow my blog will know that my dad is terminally ill with cancer. My husband told me that in case my dad falls ill, he does not have enough money to buy the flight ticket to go to Denmark. Ouch my heart… that leaves me handling things alone with my daughter in case this suddenly happens. But I can deal with it as I have to if this is God’s will. But, then my husband goes out and buys a new skateboard for our daughter and one for himself. An irrational thing to do (but fun) in the light of not having enough for a flight ticket and the imminent travel coming at some yet unknown time. This is not my husband’s character…

My husband is completely unaware of this spiritual battle taking place and I wonder what more I can do except pray, pray and pray more. God is sovereign.



One thought on “Devil hits home

  1. patchingcracks

    Sounds like a heart wrenching situation. God bless you for being faithful to God and keeping your husband’s spiritual condition in prayer.


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