Ponytail Joy


Today is the first day my daughter wears a ponytail!

For a long time she wanted long hair so we let it grow and now finally she can have a ponytail. It’s short but cute. Hair falls down the sides, but it’s there! And my daughter is so proud of it. 

Since Friday she has literally been growing in confidence to the extend that I can see and feel and hear it and quite frankly, I’m baffled, yet joyful and completely in awe of God’s hand working in her. But it wasn’t until this morning when we rode off to school on our bikes that I looked at her, with a smile on her face and the ponytail dangling that I realized what joy it brings to this mother’s heart to see her like this. It’s unexplainable. 

Last school year was a struggle on many levels and no, I don’t think my daughter was particularly happy with school though some things she did enjoy. She (and I) struggled with teachers and subjects etc and it was only 1st grade. There’s a lot to get used to when jumping from kindergarten day care (3-6 year olds) to 1st grade and skipping the academic 5-6 year old kindergarten. Once school was out and we were getting ready to head for my Nineveh (Denmark) things just got really bad for her and due to mental stress she ended up with a bleeding stomach. If I hadn’t had a brother in Christ who is a dear friend and doctor, I might not have been able to go to Denmark and see my dad or even worse – the bleeding might not have been stopped and things could have gotten way out of hand. But God was there and He is in control. I’m so thankful for that. 

Once back she began 2nd grade and I had my thoughts on how things would go. First week was stressful and the last day of the week she crashed and cried and couldn’t handle things anymore. The following week went better, but then she had the day off Friday and we went to see our beloved before-mentioned doctor to have her stomach follow up check. He has an amazing effect on her and as he prayed for her and my family, hope came back and from then on, my daughter has been growing in many ways. Including giving me an attitude as if she was a teen… but it’s fine; It signals to me that she is breaking free from the little girl role and finding her place in the “big girl” 2nd grader world she is now living in. 

Saturday we saw the counselor and for the first time my daughter was alone with her and though she may have felt a bit nervous she seemed comfortable. In the afternoon we went to a climbing wall and my daughter climbed… She hasn’t wanted to climb since beginning 1st grade and so it was a milestone to see her climb again. A wonderful milestone. Sunday she entered Sunday school with only a tad bit of hesitation, but she did it without tears fully knowing that her favorite teacher has left and gone to the US. Monday she could grab her backpack and run up the stairs to her classroom on her own and… 

This morning she wears a ponytail! I am so filled with Joy inside that my girl is wearing a ponytail. I know it sounds ridiculous but I couldn’t care less. The ponytail seems to be expressing a growth in confidence that she has been needing for such a long time. 

Praise the Holy Lord for always being there – through the hard and tough times when I wanna give up and the Joyful times when I want to shout to the Heavens with my grateful and humbled heart. 

In Him 




One thought on “Ponytail Joy

  1. Your posting brought back so many memories of my daughter and her pony tails. But I absolutely love your last paragraph! Praise God!! I can totally relate. He walks with us through our struggles, never leaving us and then celebrates with us when we are shouting from the rooftops that we serve an awesome God. Thanks for this posting. It touched my heart!


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