My God loves all – the Blessing of a wild hare kitten

I wasn’t going to post a photo on this post, but there is the cutest little wild hare kitten who is munching on green grass morning and evening just outside the window here. It has even taken refuge for the nights there hiding behind a thistle. It’s simply so cute and too much of a beautiful Blessing from God not to share!


We have 6 days left of our 35 days Denmark adventure mission. It sure has been a ride I will never forget; With 5 nights in central Copenhagen where I got to re-discover my own country and play tourist (do not miss that city! It’s so beautiful!) and a week in my hometown visiting cemeteries and old memories and then of course having 3 week with my dad and his girlfriend out here in the countryside. Yes, it’s way out but it’s a good place as there is 10 min bike ride to the beach and a forest with a nice playground, 1 min walk to the neighbor farm with an entire “amusement” barn full of old used toys, paints and other interesting stuff for my daughter to freely use and roam in whenever she pleases.

I have certainly had my trouble loving the girlfriend… and it still is. But as I thank you all for praying and Praise Jesus for guiding me down the right path, things are working out. It may not be all great, but then again, I keep hearing about other people whom she doesn’t like and they have no contact with anymore – my dad’s older brother included with whom my dad has always been close. It tears my heart to pieces to think of these things but I’m praying for this woman.

As far as sharing Jesus with anyone, then my heart aches when I can hear my dad being dismissive about faith but God’s way is way above my way and I have developed a deeper relationship with the neighbor “wife” who is not dismissive, so please include her in your prayers. She may be facing a divorce as the man doesn’t want her son and grandchildren coming to stay at the house, which is rather strange as my daughter can and does come and go as she pleases.

My dad is very much aware that the cancer has spread, it is in all of the prostate and his numbers keep rising. They are trying a new type of medicine and I pray they can keep his prostate numbers down. My dad is aware that the next step will be organs and I believe it frightens him to think of how (what organs) may be targeted. I pray that he would accept and believe that with Jesus there is no fear – only the eternal future with the only eternal God. He watched his mom pass away from cancer and though she was in great pain, she was calm because she knew where she was going.

I feel like I have done very little or perhaps even no mission work here, but prayerfully God will somehow use me as I am His willing vessel and by His grace things are more settled with the girlfriend now. Praise the Lord for He is good to His beloved children.

In Him.



2 thoughts on “My God loves all – the Blessing of a wild hare kitten

  1. Sometimes the best “mission work” we ourselves do is just our presence with the person, leaving God to do the rest of it. Your presence with your father is healing and your love for him is what he needs at this point. I found in my experience as a hospice chaplain that sometimes we just need to leave the rest of it to the doctors and God.


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