Someone saved from death Praises God


In Psalm 116 it says: “I was filled with fear and anxiety. Then I called to the Lord, “I beg you, Lord, save me!”. “You have saved me from death. I will give you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and offer my prayer to you” (Psalm 116:3,17 (emphasis mine)).

In the midst of my raging storm – called life on earth – and while I do stand on my Rock – known as my Savior Jesus – my innermost being is at war. Spiritual war. And in the midst of life, I forgot one of the most basic things of the Christ-followers life: Thanksgiving.

Yes, it’s a sacrifice to give thanks for the trials and troubles and unlovable people we meet and will meet in the near future… but it opens up our hearts for God to pour in His love that will enable us to pour that love on to others.

Yesterday I was with my daughter at the counseling session and there we talked about having feelings that are natural and okay to have. It’s not exactly Christ-like to be cranky… but it’s okay to have various feelings as long as – we can put words on it. This morning, 5 am, I fell flat on my face, partly because I was so tired I couldn’t sit up, partly because the war inside me is raging with spears that fill me with fear and run away thoughts and scenarios.

What God met me with, was the reminder to be thankful. With Christ in me, I have the most valuable treasure and power working in me.

I am saved from death, so I will give thanks!

In awe of what the Lord is showing me


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