Communi…cation… Oh dear!


The past weeks I seem to have been Blessed with a vast variety of communication trouble. Not the electronic kind though – unfortunately. Those are generally easy to fix when you recharge a battery or put the plug in. No, these communication trouble comes from and to people. God’s people.

One side of communication trouble stems from me feeling like I have to guess how others are feeling about this or that. Maybe they are having a facial expression that seems completely out of character for them. It makes me wonder and so I go ask if all is well – to which they answer with a strained smile “oh sure, I’m fine!”. I figure it’s non of my business… so I move on, praying for this person in the quite place of my mind.

I have a friend whom I dearly love. Really love. Deeply. But for some unknown reason I find myself talking past her, misunderstanding what she says, interpreting her words in ways they shouldn’t be… it drives me nuts. And what’s more, my reaction to her words seems to be rather dismissive and defensive. I have been trying to figure out why this mystery!… But I am still puzzled. I know she loves me from a beautiful heart and it’s mutual. So why are we having these trouble communicating? Is it on my part alone or perhaps some cultural aspect or maybe our friendship needs to change. I don’t know.

Another friend whom everyone just loves because she is so loving and I just can’t master the skill of loving her or even seeing the love that everyone seems to rave about. Makes me feel slightly “un-Christ-like”… What I personally see is a lot of good deeds without too much heartfelt love. Perhaps I need a visit to the ophthalmologist. I wish I could talk to her, but all answers just feel like they come straight out of the freezer.

Or what about the quiet friend who works like a horse and always gives the glory to God and then others. I so love her! What a friend! But because she is so quiet many people around me don’t think she’s got all that much to say. Believe me, she is as attached to Christ and His likeness it makes me envious! Praise the Lord that He sees it all!

Close friends I relate to in small groups where I can keep up with other’s lives and pray for them. Once a small group grows into a big group, I personally loose that ability to keep up with others and thus, I stop praying for them, I stop sharing, I do not stop caring – but I have too much on my own plate and I become selective. That’s not right, is it!

Perhaps you can relate somehow… Communication within a community is vital for the well-being of the Body!

Despite having reached the age when I look best in candlelights, communication and relationship are two areas in my life that remains tough and at times painful. I don’t have a solution. What I have learned the past weeks is this: In times of trouble, you really do learn who is on your side and who is by your side and who is watching from the sideline.

In a matter of speaking, I have learned who within His body are the skin and who are the heart. Of course only in my own little neck of the woods. I give thanks to God that He knows every heart and every thought and every good thing of everyone. But I wish I could see what Jesus sees, especially when it comes to people.

3 thoughts on “Communi…cation… Oh dear!

  1. You sound like a very sensitive person and one who feels deeply. You sense things on a different level than many people and that can make it difficult at times—-it feels lto you like they do not respond to your caring and communication. However, we never know the inner turmoil and troubles that others may be having in their lives and so we keep trying to reach them with our love and with God’s love. And we pray that God will send those to do the same for us in our times of darkness and despair.


    1. leneijapan

      Pastor Jim: We need a table and some double lattes!
      You are spot on; I do sense things on a different level and feels deeply. God created, shaped and molded me to be like that. At times it feels like a curse, but most of the time I see it as a Blessing.
      My point of this post is that within His body we are to help, support and “carry each other’s burdens”. But without communication we can’t do much, because we don’t know. Except pray because the Father knows all.
      – And just a footnote: I know that I am no different when I go through a tough times – I too close myself in to look inwards and upwards. But not outwards until I’m ready. So I’m not judging anyone here, just saying that communication is vital and I’m learning that… (and it stings a bit! 😉 )


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