A short letter to Jesus.


Dear Jesus.

Though I am in awe of your cross. Though I am grateful for your sacrifice. Though I understand you had to suffer to save me.

What brings me to my knees and humbles me the most, is knowing how you pursued me even before I wanted you. It makes me cry to think about the way you wooed me to yourself with a patience that lasted longer than 15 years. You never gave up and left me to the world. You continued to return and kept on calling.

I will be forever thankful for the love, grateful for your patience, but most of all; I will be forever humbled by your enduring everlasting love that brought me to your heart.

Now I am the one in constant pursuit of you my Dear Jesus. I am craving and desiring you to fill my every moment with your presence. Every void in my heart that shows up as the world tramples me down.

Please Jesus, give me more faith to trust you with all the Blessings you have given me. Help my unbelief and keep me close to you.

In your loving Name of Grace and Beauty I pray. Amen.


One thing that busts stress better than anything else, is to “Be still, and know that He is God”. To be humble before the Lord on your knees. Asking Him to help and then trust that He will. Because He will! He does. All the time.

But I find that oftentimes we need to remind ourselves of the “why” we are humble before Him. For me it’s thinking about the personal relationship He wanted to have with me and showing me by pursuing me for so many years (which to Him may have seemed like a second) – before I even wanted Him. For you, it may be something completely different.

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