A Jesus girl or a Sunday Christian?

God delights

Sunday morning was a low key, nothing to talk about morning until my husband, who is still a non-believer, said he wouldn’t go to church with us. One look at him and I knew why; Busy week with a huge problem to solve for the company and all of it dumped on him. So my daughter and I trotted off alone… her whining about going but how boring it was and well, quite frankly I can’t blame her. For kids, church sermon is just a boring time. I know, I know; Hearing God’s Word is important etc. I know all the arguments, but if a child doesn’t get excited about going to church how can we raise Jesus girls and Jesus boys, without them becoming duty-bound church goers?

On our way to the station I stopped and got that gut feeling that we weren’t going to church that day. Can’t tell you why not, but just that God had a different plan. So instead we went out on a walk which ended up lasting about 5 hours (including a 1 hour lunch break). We walked along the river in the direction neither of us had ever been before. It was gorgeous sunshine and the cherry blossoms were “snowing” all around us. We had some good talks and jokes etc… Before we knew it it was lunch time and clouds were gathering. Dark clouds… and then a few drops fell. As we kept walking I hoped to find a place we could take shelter because it was definitely going to rain. But along the river there are no shops and no indications of such. Just ducks, grass, bridges and fences. When the wind picked up the rain began coming and we came to a bridge. I said to my daughter “Now would be a good time to ask God which way to go” and after a few seconds she stopped and looked down and said “wait, God is talking to me” and was completely silent and then she pointed up the road to the right. We turned right and found the road being divided into two roads and I asked her which way. She looked down again and pointed to the left. So we went left. About 100 m down we found a large supermarket. Food and shelter; Praise the Lord!

My daughter was so excited and was jumping around me. “God really spoke to my heart” she said “for the first time ever!” She is 7 and if you have read my previous posts you will know she has been through her fair share of trouble. I was so happy for her and so grateful that God had answered my prayer. It has been a long time prayer request from me that He would show her that HE IS and He is for her and with her. It’s a wonderful experience and I don’t know if you can remember the first time God laid words on your heart, but I can and it was thrilling. Still is!

Had we gone to church, only the Lord knows what we would have experienced. But we didn’t and He Blessed us with His guidance. I really want to raise a Jesus girl because I am a Jesus girl. I do not dutifully go to church every Sunday though I do enjoy it ever so much. I want to teach my girl that duty is not faith, but also that the Lord does want us to socialize with His people and church going is a big part of that. But my girl doesn’t get excited about going to church… So it has me thinking if the churches of today are aware of the importance of making the Sunday school a “Jesus time” and the kid’s sermon a larger part of the regular sermon or even if more churches should try to integrate a kid’s church simultaneously with the adult service. Just food for thought.

Until God shows me how to deal with my girl being bored at church, I’m sticking to the promptings He gives me and if it means we will miss church, then so be it. God’s way is always the best way.


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