Amazed by Love


A lot of things amazes me. Every time I see a rainbow I’m amazed or a rose dressed in velvet colors, the sun rising and spreading light to all corners. I’m equally amazed by love. But in contrast to just about everything else, nothing amazes as well as puzzles me, as much as love does. In particular – His love!

I read the Bible, God’s Word, His love letter to the world, His creation and I know how much He loves all of us. And yet, I don’t get it. That’s one reason why I believe many have trouble loving themselves, they don’t get how much God loves them. Me too… I don’t get it and thus, I skipped past the Great Commandments last words “Love your neighbor as yourself”. I talked about this in my last post, so I’m going to skip ahead straight to the more practical “how do I love myself” when it means that I must break old habits and the way I was brought up.

Just like last post: Reminding myself who I am – a Child of God and dearly loved is a-l-w-a-y-s step 1. The next is exploring how God sees me. He already knows that I can’t live up to His standard and that’s the whole reason Jesus came to save us from ourselves. To save me. Because God sees me as His creation. Just like I love my daughter just like she is and yet I try to mold and shape her to know what is right and wrong, so does God love me just like I am, yet constantly trying to shape and mold me. My daughters failures or handicaps does not and will never make me love her any less – and my failures and faults will not make God love me any less either. God is the “agape” love – God is love in action. I’m amazed by His Love!

Jesus said “take my yoke upon you, for it is light” – the burden on Jesus wasn’t light… But if we take on His teachings and decide to follow Him, then He promise us that (by coming to Him), He will give us rest. We need not worry about things, because we can choose to trust God. He will give us rest, spiritually and emotionally. It may not mean that we will not be just as busy as ever, but our inner selves will rest – in Jesus. Spiritually and emotionally.

And to love myself with a love-in-action type of love that shows outwardly, to bring Glory to God, would it kill me to look in the mirror and appreciate the wrinkle that came overnight – because it made me a tad bit more wise on this life? Or to diet a little? Or to smile at (yet another) grey hair because it’s God’s graffiti? God gave me His Son, then gave me His Holy Spirit to shine through me… The Spirit shines better through a smile. A genuine smile. Not one put on for show. Not one painted on my face.

If God can love my human part, surely I can too. Right?



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